Bunny Island Rabbitry - Polish

Updated 11/27/18

SLR's LMQ 'Hopster'
Black Polish Buck

Sire: SLR's Limousine (Black)
RIS A3 State Conv. 2017; BOB Show B PRRF 1/20/18, BOB Show B PPRBA 3/24/18
Dame: SLR's Maze (Black)

SLR's 'ChaCha'
Broken Blue Polish Doe

Sire: SLR's Gage (Broken Black)
3 Legs
Dame: SLR's Lava (Black)

Bunny Island's Cosmo, Zydeco and TippyTap
Broken Black Polish Buck & Doe, Black Doe

Sire: Hopster (Black)
Dame: ChaCha (Broken Blue)

The Quest for Bunny Island
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