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    Welcome to the world of Bunny Island, where luck and fate bring together a group of talking animals, who decide they need a place of their own to live happily and without fear.
    But where is such a place? None of them know, and their earnest efforts to find it put them unintentionally on the wrong side of the law as well as a unique assortment of villains.
    Get ready for rollicking adventures on the open road and the high seas, with a thrilling conclusion that no one saw coming in “The Quest for Bunny Island.”


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Thank you for coming to the website for "The Quest for Bunny Island,” a 222-page children's adventure written by the Jordan family of Colorado Springs, Colorado, based on stuffed-animal stories played with the kids when they were young. In the book, you will follow the exploits (and occasional goof-ups) of amiable talking animals seeking a land of their own - meanwhile being chased by various villains who would exploit their skills, hunt them down or even turn them into a dragon dinner!
    Leading the creative effort was Kenyon Jordan (co-founder of the Westside Pioneer community newspaper in 2004), aided by his older son Travers (who now owns a computer repair business that includes technical assistance for the paper) and younger son Rioux (a Denver University graduate student), with editing/proofreading by Therese Jordan (Kenyon's wife, Travers' and Rioux's mom and co- publisher of the Pioneer).

    "The Quest for Bunny Island" can be ordered from this page using PayPal, or purchased locally with cash or check at the Jordan house (526 S. 26th St. Colorado Springs, CO 80904)
    For those curious about the ages that the book would appeal to, we would recommend 11 and up to read on their own, while (with a little help from Mom and Dad) those as young as 7 or 8 would enjoy having it read to them.
    At the top of this page are buttons to view the book's bonus content and character backgrounds and to go to the Bunny Island Rabbitry - which is a real rabbitry (named after the stories), with actual bunnies that Therese owns and manages as a hobby. There are also links to the Westside Pioneer and Techno Guy Computers.
    Other links on this page include:
- The book's Introduction
- Chapter 1
- The article about the book in the Westside Pioneer.
    For more information, e-mail therese@westsidepioneer.com or call 719-473-4143.

The Quest for Bunny Island
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