Bunny Island Rabbitry - More

We want to thank the following people who have helped us!
- Jody Rosnik sold us our first Tri Mini Rex rabbit, “Trillion.”
- Liz Nichols of Rose Rabbitry offered wonderful help and advice with getting us on the right course with quality Mini Rex.
- We bought some great Mini Rex rabbits from Liz Nichols, Shannon Fizer of Cambridge Rabbitry, Jane Delling of Baty’s Rabbitry, Lynn and Bob Layne of Shawn Bob’s Rabbit Ranch, Justin Blake Barbee of 2nd Tri's Rabbitry and Kathy Tellechea of KT's Bunny Barn.
- Note: We no longer breed Mini Rex. Our focus now is on the Chinchilla variety in the Dutch breed.
- Bob Bergene sold us our first Chinchilla Dutch (2016). His video and rabbitry website (see links page) are very informative.
- Also, many thanks to Kay Miller for all her help with health issues, fostering and being there to answer lots of rabbit questions!!

For more information, please e-mail therese@westsidepioneer.com or call 719-473- 4143.

Happy Homes!

B.I's Thumper and Makenna (Broken Black Otter - G.C. & R.G.C.)

Olivia and Peony (Broken Blue Otter).

Caitlin and Josie (Blue Otter Tort - Fox).

Byerly sisters with Alyse (Black) and Tianna (Broken Blue)

Makai and Amelia (Harlequin)

The Quest for Bunny Island
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