Bunny Island Rabbitry - Mini-Rexes

Updated 7/27/19

We have closed the rabbitry for now

Bunny Island's Crown
Broken Castor Buck
4/30/2002 - 3/05/2010
1st, BOV, BOSB El Paso Cty Fair, July 25, 2002
Sire: Rex (Castor)
2nd Place El Paso County Fair, July 25, 2002
Dame: Calico (Broken Tort)
Alpine's Trillion
Black/Orange Tri Doe
Junior BOSV at Canon City
Sire: Alpines' Titanic (Chocolate/Orange Tri)
Dame: Alpine's Black Velvet (Black)
Bunny Island's Marmalade
Black/Orange Harlequin Doe
June 27, 2007-May 16, 2011
Sire: Bunny Island's Corson (Black/Orange Tri) (Bunny Island's Link & Alpine's Trillion) (Bunny Island's Link is out of Bunny Island's Crown & Bunny Island's Red)
Dame: MM's Castle (Broken Red)
Bunny Island's Spotty
Broken Chocolate Doe
May 13, 2008
Sire: Bunny Island's Junior (Red)
Dame: Cinnamon (Broken Amber)
Bunny Island's Tubak
Black/Orange Tri Doe
2/1/2009 - 12/19/2014
Sire: Warner's Freckles (B/O Tri)
Dame: Bunny Island's Marmalade (B/O Harlequin)
Bunny Island's Lucky
Blue Doe - 6/19/10
Sire: Potter's Sensation (Himalayan Black)
Dame: Rose's Stormie (Black)
(Lucky is with Jessica H.)
Bunny Island's Chunkette
Black/OrangeTri Doe - 5/18/11
Sire: Trina's Amigo (C/O Tri)
Dame: Bunny Island's Tubak (B/O Tri)
(Chunkette is at Creekstone Rabbitry with Kaitlyn H.)
Rose's Henri
Blue Buck - 8/19/12
Sire: KT's Shot in the Dark (Black)
Dame: Rose's Cecelia (Black)
(Henri is with Christine L.)
2nd Tri's Charm
Broken Black Doe - 8/8/13
Sire: 2nd Tri's G.C. Ghost
Dame: 2nd Tri's Marry the Night
(Charm is with Kate P-M.)
2nd Tri's Texas Hold 'Em (Tex)
Black/Orange Tri Buck - 8/11/13
Sire: 2nd Tri's Jet Skiin'
Dame: 2nd Tri's Gamble
(Tex is at 2nd Tri's with Justin B.)
Bunny Island's Columbus
Blue Otter Buck - 9/13/2013
Sire: Rose's Henri (Blue)
Dame: ShawnBob's Otty (Black Otter)
(Columbus is now with Tashena and her family.)
Wild Creek Fire N Crome
Red Buck - 7/27/13
Sire: Blazin Bunz Aaron (Red)
Dame: The Burrows Nebula (B/O Harlequin)
Bunny Island's Annie
B/O Harlequin Doe - 2/24/14
Sire: Wild Creek Fire N Crome (Red)
Dame: Bunny Island's Chunkette (B/O Tri)
(Annie is with Jessica D.)
Bunny Island's Poirot
B/O Tri Buck - 5/10/14
Sire: 2nd Tri's Texas Hold 'EM (B/O Tri)
Dame: Bunny Island's Chunkette (B/O Tri)
(Poirot is with Jessica D.)
Bunny Island's Olio
B/O Harlequin Doe - 11/28/14
Sire: 2nd Tri's Texas Hold 'EM (B/O Tri)
Dame: 2nd Tri's Charm (Broken Black)
(Olio is at Mile High Bliss with Heide B.)
Bunny Island's Bonny
Broken Blue Otter Doe - 7/19/14
Sire: Bunny Island's Columbus (Blue Otter)
Dame: 2nd Tri's Charm (Broken Black)
(Bonny is with Katelynn F.)
KT's Dancin' In The Dark
Black Doe - 8/3/14
Sire: KT's G.C. Get A Rope (Black)
Dame: KT's G.C.Talk is Cheap (Black)
(Dancin is with Heide B. at Mile High Bliss)

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