A tight spot for the Bunny Islanders in a game one day in the Jordan backyard.
    Lucky are the parents whose children are willing to play with them … not just play, but to join in flights of imagination. The adventures in this book reflect some of those hours of fun, starting first with Travers (our elder) and Rioux (our younger).

    Adding to the fun as the years went by was the two of them coming up with Bunny Island stories of their own… although Dad and Mom were welcomed to join in (and often did).

    It's not as if we played out this book, chapter by chapter, just as it appears here. No, in keeping with the imaginary world, our stories over several years occurred in random fashion, based on ideas one of us might have had or on how a certain character might behave, or from picking up two or three characters and just seeing where a story might go. A lot of times the inspiration was a new character - because the fact is, Bunny Island's questors (taking on the guise of stuffed animals) arrived in our household, one after the other. And of course anyone new had to be introduced.

    But over time some Big Questions formed: Where was this place called Bunny Island? How did these animals get there? And how was it they happened to talk just like us?

    The questions led to more stories and eventually a book that we thought others might also enjoy. It's mainly for children, true, but we hope it appeals to all ages, parents included. Because there's nothing like playing with your kids.

The Quest for Bunny Island
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