About the Authors

(From left) Travers, Therese, Rioux and Kenyon
    Since 2004, Kenyon and Therese Jordan have published the Westside Pioneer, a newspaper covering the historic Westside in the Pikes Peak city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    Kenyon is a life-long writer and editor, including free-lance work, past employment at newspapers and technical companies and the occasional song.
    Therese is a top-notch graphics designer, but what she really likes is crosswords, rabbits and gardening.
    Travers Jordan, their elder son, repairs computers (his favorites are the ones at the Westside Pioneer!) and creates two online web comics. (Planescape Survival Guide and Harry Potter Comics!)
    Rioux Jordan, the younger son, is a junior at Colorado State University. Between school assignments, he too helps with the Pioneer and co-authors one of big brother’s comics.
    It was when the boys were a lot younger and a box of stuffed animals could spark one adventure after the next, that the idea gradually formed to write a book pulling together the stories that were played... stories about a faraway place called “Bunny Island.”
    The games were so much fun that when Therese started a rabbitry about a dozen years ago, she named it “Bunny Island.”
    But only her family knew where the name really came from... at least till now!

The Quest for Bunny Island
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